UA-1176295-7 Dear Amber: In-Laws and Drinking

Dear Amber: In-Laws and Drinking

Roll out the red carpet, light your firecrackers and pop the champagne, you're invited to the World Premiere of ChinesePod's newest show, Dear Amber - ChinesePod's Insider's Guide to Everything China. Dear Amber features ChinesePod's own insider, Amber, and you the listener, as Amber answers questions you've always wanted to know the answers to... and even some you didn't! With the help of some expert guests, Amber sheds light on China and Chinese culture in this weekly podcast. So sit back, relax and listen this week as Amber gives you the straight scoop on matchmaking in China, meeting the Chinese in-laws, the mystery behind why Asians "allegedly' turn red when they drink... plus some slang right from the streets of China.
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